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A New Era of Pediatric Excellence & Clinician Education

Our Mission

Our mission at KinActive is to change the way the world treats its children! That starts with YOU and is exactly why KinActive University exists. 

Currently, there is a gap between what is being taught in schools and what we see clinically every day. KinActive University is meant to bridge that gap and to expand your expertise to help change the future. In KinActive University, not only will you will find other passionate pediatric clinicians ready to discover new approaches and techniques in their field, but also a space for sharing insights and experiences so that we can inspire one another and grow together. Join KinActive University and make a lasting, positive, impact on the lives of children and families.

KinActive University

KinActive University is designed to give clinicians various tools and actionable strategies to transform their practice, enhance treatment outcomes and decrease burnout. 

Our curriculum is offered in two unique course options - Tier I and Tier II. Here are a few of the things you’ll be able to do as a member of KinActive University:

  • Learn at your own pace through on-demand lectures and our ever-growing library of labs, webinars and case studies.
  • Connect with like-minded clinicians who are passionate about pediatric patient care and market yourself through our Clinician Database.
  • Be a part of a clinician-centric program that prioritizes your professional development and well-being through efficient treatment strategies, business best practices, and more.

Tier I Content

Tier II Content

We know that is a lot of info! So be sure and check out the chart below for a full breakdown of what each membership offers:

Join KinActive University and lets be a part of the change that so desperately needs to happen!